K, Editor and Chief




In 2008, I became fascinated with the nascent ebook.  I purchased my first Kindle 


book in April of 2008.  I went back and reviewed my account on Amazon and found 


out that I've purchased at least one or two ebooks (usually more) every month 


since then.  My bibliomania doesn't stop at ebooks either.  I have continued to 


add to my personal traditional book piles as well.  My reading has greatly 


impacted my life in positive ways I can't even begin to explain, but this isn't 



about a bookish lawyer, this is about 0101 Press. (0101 is a mouthful, so you 



can call it "Binary" Press -- that was the point.)





With all the books I purchase and read, I wanted a bigger say in what was 


available.  I wanted to give voices that might not be heard in the hurricane of 


published words, a chance to be heard above the din.  I realized that books and 


their contents need to be approached in ways that are opposite to the unrelenting 


parade of information.  Books are more intimate conversations, whether they are 


in audio, on the page or on the screen.  More quiet dialogue,  than rock concert.



I'm also an attorney by trade, so the economics of things are always present in 


my bill-by-the-hour brain.  Economics and art have always been at odds.  At the 


end of 2014, I realized after putting out over fifteen book, having several books 


leave in a spin-off publishing venture, adding and subtracting employees as funds 


would allow, attending Book Expo America and talking to other small publishers 


that it was time to try something different.



 I am currently in the process of turning 0101 Press into a non-profit corporation that


will foster not just the writer, but the editors, formatters, marketers and graphic


designers that are a  necessary part of the book production process.  Great quality books are a 


collaborative effort.



Publishers have served several purposes in the more traditional environment:

curation, marketing, graphic design, content editing and line editing.  

When it is so easy to type on a screen and have Word underline your grammatical mistakes

in green and your misspellings in red, we tend to forget that great literature is more

than machine edited grammar and spelling.  While unseen, literature is a community effort

of many talented people helping to amplify the voice of the author.



I have followed and admired the work of Electric Literature and of course, McSweeney's.

Both of these sites have become non-profit corporations and I think the economics

of digital publishing almost demands it in the current state of the world.   I'm not looking

to replicate the excellent work of those or similar sites.  In fact, I fully support and follow

what those other sites are doing. Rather, I am creating a non-profit publisher that will bring

all the elements of traditional publishing into a community that can put its own stamp

on the literary world.



I have always loved books and the people who write them.  0101 Press is my 


attempt to support the art form I love the most.





Editor and Chief