0101 Press, or as we like to call it, 'Binary', besides promoting

a literary community and literary production, we like to ask ourselves:


 In a fractured media landscape, where is the cutting edge?



















I look to my general themes to see if I can find a place to cut myself and our readers.



Pardon the crass metaphor, but if you screw around with genres you get adorable mutant babies.  The mutants have never been able to survive in a traditional publishing environment.  I am pushing for economic stability to give the mutants a chance to survive and thrive.



Part of the genre infidelity I prescribe to is bringing poetic voices that would only otherwise only be heard at open mic night at a coffee house.  We have relegated our voice to these small crowds and abdicated the poetic throne to academics, while we toil away in poetic poverty and anonymity.



The writer-creator’s interaction with the audience is a complex piece of the “Art in the Digital Realm” puzzle.  So please provide me with input on all our efforts, so we can all have the art that moves us.  Dialogue illuminates contradiction and conflict and art lives in the conflict.




















I decided that MFA stands for the MFA in  “Please, no More Fucking 'Art'.”  All you degreed readers or English majors out there don’t get your panties in a bunch -- I love academics as much as any scholar, but I have a busy life and don’t reside in the insular world of ivory towers.  This is one of those contradictions that needs dialogue to ferret out the answer, because there is a sweet spot between great art and academics.  I’m just leaning towards great art over academic minutiae (and I don't have the luxury of educational funding to write boring stuff). That said, 0101press is a non-profit for a reason. 



The traditional publishing world is driven by popularity and homogeneity.  You do know what you are getting with the Big Six publishers and while that may be a benefit, it is also the problem.   How many genre novels can you really read?



The act of creating art is an act of empathy with the audience.  Being a true artist requires a social consciousness.  Being an artist in the digital era requires the creation of a digital social consciousness.




















Technology is a new palette to paint words with and the potentialities of digital images, sounds and words to combine into new forms is part of the hunger I want in the belly of the press.   The digital world has infinite possibilities so if the medium is the message we should have infinite messages.  




Editor and Chief