Carol Lynn Pearson has been a professional writer, speaker, and performer for many years. In addition to her volumes of poetry, she is well known for such books as her autobiography, Goodbye, I Love You, which tells the story of her marriage to a homosexual man, their divorce and ongoing friendship, and her caring for him as he died of AIDS.  Carol Lynn was one of the first authors to support 0101 Press in what we are trying to do.  We are proud to publish two of her classic works on homosexuality and Mormons: No More Goodbyes and the play, Facing East.  









J.A. Carter-Winward is the author of four novels, an award-winning poetry collection (No Apologies), a short story collection and a stage play. She is also a performance poet, public speaker and visual artist. Carter-Winward lives and writes in the mountains of Northern Utah.


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Known for his decisive dealings with reptilian shape-shifters, Kurt Rasmussen has performed his poetry for audiences of several in venues ranging from small to tiny.

Kurt has served humanity in many capacities over the years, including most recently a stint as benevolent philosopher-king over a vast nation of imaginary entities in a far-away interior land. 

Never one to flaunt his exalted self-image over others, Kurt is well-known for having the “common touch,” although his interpretation of that phrase may be somewhat idiosyncratic. 

Rumors of numerous outstanding restraining orders are highly exaggerated, however.


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